Gambling and Religion – Is Gambling a Sin?


Gambling has become legalized in many countries nowadays and people love spending their time playing their favorite games, using a Heart Bingo bonus code, and enjoying themselves with this fun activity. However, we don’t often think about the moral implications of gambling and what religion has to say about it, […]

What Place Does Religion Have In Science?


In philosophy and theology, there has always been the issue of the relationship between science and religion. The common belief today is that these two could never go hand in hand as they are mutually exclusive. After all, some of their principles and theories are completely opposite from one another. […]

Religious Freedom In Contemporary Times


Religious persecution and intolerance remain one of the darkest sides of our history. Today, every person is free to openly practice any religion they want, without the fear of being harassed or oppressed because of it. This is our human right, something that is protected by law, and nobody can […]