All You Need To Know About Guardian Angel Cathedral in Las Vegas


We surely almost always think of Las Vegas as a place where all gambling and betting goes on, even though nowadays, people prefer entertainment online, by using a bonus offer like a Sportingbet Bonus here and there. However, Las Vegas is known for more than its entertainment.

A beautiful and majestic structure that arises just outside Las Vegas is more than just an architectural piece. A catholic cathedral in Winchester, Nevada called Guardian Angel Cathedral is a rather small but unique and breathtaking shelter for all the believers. Located near the Las Vegas Strip, this cathedral speaks volumes with its stain glass windows and colorful murals.

So, if you are in for some soul searching and traveling, this church in Winchester, NV is a nice place to visit. Continue reading to find out more about this sacred place where you can get some peace and pray in the quiet in the midst of a busy city. 

The Creation and History

The creation of the cathedral started after the St. Viator Church was torn down due to the instability of the ground. Afterward, the Reverand Richard Crowley gave a wonderful idea to Moe Dalitz. If this businessman and a casino owner were to donate a piece of land on the Las Vegas Strip, they could build Guardian Angel Cathedral. 

Ultimately, the so-called Mr. Las Vegas liked the idea of having a church near his casino. So, Dalitz donated the land in 1961 and asked the famous architect Paul R. Williams to design the cathedral. Two years later, on October the 2nd, the church was finished and open. 

Sixteen years later, Diocese of Reno-Las Vegas Bishop Norman McFarland picked the church as the co-cathedral. After the division of the diocese in 1995, Las Vegas got its own Diocese. In the midst of it all, Guardian Angel received the status of a cathedral. During the same year, Guardian Angel Cathedral was restored and redone for more than a million-dollar worth. 

The Design & Architecture of The Church

The Las Vegas famous architect Paul R. Williams wanted this cathedral to have an A-frame form. The church has two main structures, the cathedral, and the structure placed just outside the cathedral. It is a pyramid-shaped spire with a cross on top. Moreover, this outer structure shelters a statue of the Holy Family in its base. 

In addition, the outside of the church is embellished with a beautiful entrance mosaic. The artist behind it is Edith Piczek – a Hungarian-born ecclesiastical artist. The mosaic is the representation of the Guardian Angel and it is accompanied by the three figures: Peace, Penance, and Prayer. The same artist made the mural inside the church. And it seems that art runs in their family because her sister Isabel Helen Piczek contributed to the church with her art as well. She was the creator of the stained glass windows on the Guardian Angel. 

This church can seat around 1000 people, so if you want to go to the Sunday mass, make sure to come early. Inside, the cathedral has a grandiose crucifix coming down from the ceiling above the altar. The seats are divided into four parts on the ground level, but there are additional rows on the gallery above the entrance. 

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