10 Apps That Can Help Your Spiritual Development


We use our phones more often than we would like – this of course doesn’t include the times when we are on our phone for work or fun (like watching a YouTube video or using a promotion code like the รหัสแนะนำ I8). However, sometimes, we fall in a loop that we can’t get out of. This habit doesn’t fit much in a healthy lifestyle or with finding inner peace. Spirituality should be more about meditation, balance and a connection with nature. But what if we manage to find the good purpose of our smartphones in this spiritual way?

Meditation Without a Phone?

It’s not a joke — this is the time of new generations that have all their content saved on mobile devices. There is an app for everything, from GPS navigation that will guide you through your own house, to the panic attack button. The age of millennials requires finding a meaningful alternative that would combine the incompatible — like spiritual peace and the perfect mindset with modern technology and phones we can’t take our hands off.

In order to prove that it is possible, we are presenting some of the greatest apps that will help you on your spiritual journey and make your life much better. A smartphone can assist you to run a journal, read exciting stories and blogs, learn the basics of meditation or yoga. In the sea of useless information we find on the web, here are some that could worth a lot.

 Jiyo App

This platform is your personal Guru, an alternative medicine-based application whose primary goal is to keep track of your health and changes by entering daily parameters about nutrition, exercise, sleep, and feelings.

 Spirit Junkie

The idea is to get enough inspiration and spiritual nourishment throughout the day. This app gives you support with motivational messages that can also be great for meditation.

 Happy Not Perfect

“Take a breath, let go of your problems, reframe with grace, build mindful distractions, exercise compassion and make someone else feel good.” This app is created to calm you down with those steps.

 Daily Horoscopes

No matter how much you pay attention to astrology, this application can be a real joy during the lunch breaks, but also a great guide to daily, monthly and annual horoscopes.


It is a great way to start with meditation. With video and audio clips, the app is an excellent guide for beginners.

 Day One Journal

This platform supports creativity and helps with writing. If you find it hard to start, and you forgot how to hold a pen, it can be a perfect solution. The app keeps all your records and inspires new pages.

 Dream Moods Dictionary

Sometimes we all feel overwhelmed by dreams, even when we cannot remember them fully. This virtual diary allows you to write them down and analyze later. It can relieve you of the burden that bad and weird dreams can bring.

 The Secret

It is another excellent motivational application that will give you an impulse and help you push through a difficult day.


Astrology is one of many things that has changed a lot thanks to the Internet. It is much easier to get accurate astrological calculations and data thanks to applications like this one.

The Co-Star is an app through which you can generate a natal chart but also track the planets in real-time.

 Law of Attraction Toolbox

It is another great personal Guru app, leading you through spirituality, offering reminders and tools for tracking or journaling. Also, there is a community feed within the application that allows sharing your thoughts with other people of similar interests and affinities.

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