A Brief History of the Internet

From the advent of ARPANET and packet switching to what is know today as the Galactic Information Infrastructure, this site weaves its way through the relatively brief but technologically potent history of the development of what we lay people refer to as the Internet. The site is chronological, brief, and with good on-line references.


Timeline of Microcomputers

Timeline of Computers is a chronological listing of computer hardware announcements beginning in 1947 to the present. A great view of hardware development with a year by year a listing of the most important aspects of the computer hardware industry. Example: 1968..."Douglas C. Engelbart, of the Stanford Research Institute, demonstrates his system of keyboard, keypad, mouse, and windows at the Joint Computer Conference in San Francisco's Civic Center. He demonstrates use of a word processor, a hypertext system." Brief and to the point.


Chronological History of the Computer

"Computers in 3000 B.C.??? Yep..believe it or not, the first recorded"computer",a dust abacus, was invented in or around Babylonia nearly 5,000 years ago!!! This is a great and thought provoking site dealing with the evolution of computing devices throughout the world and incorporating many cultures. How about the Saun pan computing tray invented in China in 200 A.D...Interesting site...a must see !!!


Alan Turing - Home Page...father of computer science

Considered by most to be the modern day "father of computer science", Alan Mathison Turing (1912-1954) is a described by the maintainers of his home page as an "enigma". Quote: Founder of computer science,mathematician,philosopher,
code breaker,strange visionary, and gay man before his time (whatever that means), his history does make good reading...kind of long..but well worth it.


Charles Babbage  (1791 - 1871)

The Babbage Pages: Homepage  (early developer of calculating engines)

Charles Babbage is best described as a pioneer of "calculating engines", a prolific inventor, pioneer of lighthouse signaling, code breaker, and author of  consumer guide to life insurance. Babbage was an advocate supreme of the  immerging industrial revolution and one of the most colorful figures in the history of the development of computer technology. His nearly life long "affair" with another industry icon, Ada Lovelace, is well documented and makes for a fascinating look into the real lives of one the "founders" of modern day computer science. He was a mechanical engineer".

The Commercial Computing Museum -
(Opening Season Exhibits

Follow above link to view some of the hardware of "yesterday".

Comprehensive Computer Catalogue
(list over 4,000 computers) 

A perpetually update listing of computer hardware, this site contains over 4,000 computers, past and present. This will be updated monthly on this site.

(time line for modern computers)

Not so complete Time-line Computer Gallery.


Chronology of Digital Computing Machines (1623 - 1952)

A good site !!! Just get through the opening credits and sources to the "meat" of the history and it this site makes good a easy reading source of the evolution of the computer; from 1623 through 1952.

Chronological history of DOS (Disk Operating System)


Ada Lovelace, First Programmer???

The Babbage Pages Ada Lovelace (1815 - 1852)

There is much to be said about this and many other sites on "Ada". Ada Lovelace was an accomplished mathematician and aristocrat; one time prime minister of Italy, she has been called the "first programmer" by some and has left an everlasting impact in the area of programming. Her lover and mentor was Charles Babbage. This site gives interesting insight into the work that both she and Babbage contributed to the early efforts in the field of programming and "calculating engines"

Women Computer Programmers

Good stuff... An interesting view into the early days of computer programming and the monumental role that women played in that successful pioneering effort. A "must read" for any computer science history buff or ordinary person, for that matter.

Walt Disney Home Video
(history of computer graphics..Disney )

There are many factors leading to the development of computer graphics. It isn't surprising that the history of this complex subject should find a home on the Disney Home Page.Go through the links and read about the many contri-buters to this fascinating field of computer science.

A History of Apple Computers  
For all the Apple Computer fans..this is a must see !! Complete chronology
of the Apple and Mac with time lines and history!

Interview with Bill Gates
(Smithsonian held interview)


Microsoft...Where do you want to go today? Overview of the Microsoft Corporation and its products.