Nation of Islam Settlement No. 1
Nation of Islam Settlement No. 1
Nation of Islam Settlement No. 1

Muhammad Speaks Vol. 1, No. 1

October-November 1961

Happy Birthday To The Honorable Elijah Muhammad !!

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

Messenger of Allah

October 7, 1897 - February 25, 1975

Mr. Muhammad is sometimes called a guide or leader.  He is not a man learned or a trained product of the educational systems of today.  This same fact was true of Moses 4,000 years ago, Jesus 2,000 years ago and Muhammad of fourteen centuries ago.  Yet today, we find millions professing after these dead leaders' teachings.

Mr. Muhammad of this day in America is not self-appointed or elected to office.  Neither is he seeking any office by votes, persuasion or other means.  He cannot be voted out of office or position.  If all in America were to vote against him, he would still be the Messenger of Allah.  This is the significance and outstanding factor in Mr. Muhammad's teaching to the so-called Negro. 

As another Muhammad of prophecy also stated so today the phrase holds in relation to Mr. Elijah Muhammad.  "Do not exceed bounds in praising me as the Christians do in praising Jesus, the son of Mary by calling him God and The Son of God.  I am only Allah's Messenger.  Then call me, the Messenger of Allah."   It is out of this power of being chosen the Messenger of Allah that Mr. Muhammad speaks!

Happy 102ND Birthday Dear Holy Apostle

From the Seventh Family of the Nation Of Islam

We miss you!
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