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July 21st, 1956

Holy Quran And Bible

"Set your face upright for the religion in the right state. The
nature made by Allah, in which He has made men." Holy Quran 30:30

The so-called Negroes (descendants of the Tribe of Shabazz) are good people, very religiously inclined by nature (Divine members of God) and for the first TIME have the privilege of accepting the right religion in the right state, Islam the religion of Allah, is the religion of the so-called Negroes, though their enemies may be adverse. Allah (God) Himself is on their side to save and deliver them. They are inclined to righteous worship so much so, until they are constantly seen disgracing themselves in their ignorant way, due to the lack of knowledge of their God and His TRUE RELIGION, ISLAM.

FOR THE past 100 years since the slavemasters have opened the door of his church to them, they have gone insane over it. They have not taken a sane thought that, if there were any saving power in the white race's churches of Christianity for them, why hasn't the POWER freed them from the slavemasters' children? Why are they begging them now for civil rights, which are supposedly given to any citizen by the Constitution? A slave or a free slave is not His master's equal; therefore it is silly for the so-called Negroes to think of being granted equal rights with their slavemasters' children.

Think over it, a people and their religion who beg you to become a member and after accepting it with your whole heart, then you must pray to them for recognition. They are ashamed to even call you a brother or sister in their religion and their very nature rebels against recognizing you.

AGAIN I REPEAT: "Set your face upright for the religion in the right state." Islam recognizes equality of Brotherhood; a Muslim is a brother of another Muslim, regardless to how black the skin or kinked the hair. He is welcome with sincere and open arms and recognized by his lightskinned or copper-colored Arab brother. He is also recognized in the same way by his brown or yellow-skinned Japanese, Chinese and Indian brothers. Can you say this for your Christianity? In Islam you are not a believer until you first love for your brother that which you love for yourself.

If the white Christians had meant good for you and me, why did they make slaves of us and why are they still subjecting us to the most severe and ugliest injustice?

EVERYONE LOVES good for self: then should not he love the same for others? If such love were practiced, there would never be a need for an army, neither a police force. Believe it or not, this is the kind of love and Brotherhood of Man that Allah (God) is now bringing about under the religion in the right state (Islam) by pushing off our Planet Earth those opposers of the right religion (Islam) and the Universal Brotherhood of Man.

Let us ask: "When is a religion in the right State"? A religion is in the right State when its author is the All Righteous Being and that religion believed and practiced according to the Will of God (it's author). It must apply to our nature in which we were created. That is the right religion.

IT IS NATURAL for man to want to be the equal of man. It is natural for man to love the Brotherhood of Man (except the man devi I) . It is natural that man love FREEDOM for himself, for freedom is essential to life. It is also natural that man love JUSTICE for himself, for without justice there is no joy in freedom and equality. Can you say that you are enjoying freedom, justice and equality in Christianity? Islam, the religion in the right State is most surely the right religion. Islam uses for its sign the Sun, the Moon and the Star. These three (the Son, Moon and Star) are most essential for our well being. These signs represent a physical work of Freedom, Justice and Equality, while the Cross (the sign or emblem) of Christianity represents the physical workings of that religion. The cross is far from being a sign of a true religion. If a a religion's base (foundation) or sign is not found in the universal order of things, it cannot be called the religion of Allah (God), nor can it be called a religion in the right State. The so-called Negroes should never wear a cross or take such an emblem as a sign of his or her salvation, for it is just the opposite.

It is time that the so-called Negroes have Freedom, Justice and Equality. Join on to Islam if you love to enjoy the Brotherhood of Man.

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