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April 6th, 1957

Salvation For The So-Called Negroes In Islam

I DON'T have to say to the so-called Negroes that hell is for them in the white man's Christianity. They know it and have experienced it in this Christian's hell. The white Christians and their religion whom they falsely say, and teach, is from Jesus, and is in the reality from the Pope of Rome who is the head of the church and not Jesus. Therefore, the blind, and deaf and dumb of my people can never hope to be successful with their white enemies, as their religious heads and guides.

J.R. Stoner archleader of the Christian party, Atlanta, Ga., said the truth in his letter last week in this paper, when he said that "Christianity has only been successful in white nations among white people, but does not appear to have roots in any colored (black) nation" I thank him for bearing witness with me, that the false white Christian religion was for them white race, and not for the black nation, and that Islam is our (black nation) religion, and Allah is our God and author of Islam, and not the Pope of Rome. No black nation can be successful trying to play the white race's (the devil's) game of civilization; they will only be trapped as slaves for them.

ISLAM IS a religion of divine power, and will give power to the helpless so-called Negroes, to overcome the devils and their false religion, Christianity. It has never helped the Negroes against the white Christians brutality.

Black Africa should have learned her lesson from it, and driven it back to Europe and America, where it belongs.

The white Christians preach that Jesus, who they killed 2,000 years ago, will hear and save the Negroes. Let them prove that lie! How can a dead man hear and save people? You are not taught to pray to be heard by Moses and other prophets, not even Elijah, whom they say, went to Heaven whole soul and body. If Elijah cannot hear a prayer, and he was not killed as Jesus was, then how can Jesus hear a prayer?  We must not pray to dead prophets. They can't hear our prayers.

WE, MUSLIMS, love all of Allah's prophets, but we will not pray for life to come to us from a dead prophet. Not even Muhammad, who lived nearly 1,400 years ago. We pray in the name of Allah, and mention the names of His last prophet, in our prayer, as an honor and thanks to Allah for His last guide to us.

The DAY of RESURRECTION of the dead so-called Negroes haw arrived. They have lived overtime in bondage to the white Christians. The white Christians will not accept Islam, for Islam is a religion of truth, freedom, justice and equality. And this is something nature just didn't put in white people. They have lost the power of attraction and rule over the black of Asia, and in their frenzied effort to restore it, are now running all over the world trying to deceive the black nation, so as to allow them time to continue their wicked rule of injustice.

YES, SIR, Mr. Stoner, we Muslims will do our utmost to keep our nation pure, by keeping you away from our women. We're proud of our black skin, and our kinky wool, for this kinky woolly hair will be the future ruler. Look into your poison book Dan. 7:9, Rev. 1:14. Mr. Stoner boasts of America being a white man's country, but why did they bring us here? If the white race is such a super race, why don't they live alone, and leave us to live alone in our own country. Why are they fighting to stay in Asia? Why not be satisfied with Europe and America? We didn't ask your people to bring us here.

He says that we can't live without the white race to rule us (smile). I am sorry for the so-called Negroes who would believe anything so false.

MR. STONER, tell us who brought you and your race into civilization when you were walking on all-fours, climbing trees, living in hills and caves sides of Europe, just 4,000 years ago? Was it one of your super whites or one of our blacks? Who put you there, was it yourself or did we put you there? Where did your race first see the black man, in the jungles of Africa, or across the border east of Europe, in beautiful cities and homes? Who did you find in the Western Hemisphere, your people or our people? Who created the heavens and the earth, my fathers or yours? Who created your face, yourself or one of my nations? Can you claim this earth or any other planet to be that which your fathers created or my fathers?

WHO STARTED the dust storms in your country? Who is quaking your country, your kind or Allah? Drive us out and see how long you will remain. But if we drive you out, we will live forever without you, as we did before you. Let the white race keep silent about who shall live on this planet, for they haven't anything. This is OUR earth! Be happy, white folks, that you have the so-called Negroes in your midst, and especially those who are Muslims, for if they were not, you wouldn't last very long. But they shall be taken from you, it is binding upon Allah, to fulfill His promise to Abraham, that He would return them again to their people. - Elijah Muhammad, Messenger of Allah. Muhammad's Temple No. 2, 5335 So. Greenwood Ave. Chicago 15, Ill.

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