"Mr. Muhammad Speaks" - Pittsburgh Courier Articles 1956 - 1963

February 9th, 1957

Islam For The American So-Called Negroes

WE WERE taken from servitude slavery nearly one hundred years ago, and put under the teachings of white-controlled Christianity - a mental slavery. The poor so-called Negroes never tried to understand his slavemasters religion (Christianity) by questioning its teachings, they don't understand and won't listen to understandings. Why should they believe in Christianity prepared for them by the slavemasters which has no saving power on this side nor the other side of the grave?

It has never defended them against their slavemaster's whip, gun, lynch limb and fire.

THE BLACK CHRISTIAN preachers' homes and churches are now being bombed by the white Christians in the South because the black Christians want to be recognized and treated as brother Christians with the slavemasters. This is enough to teach the black man that there is no salvation in Christianity for them. Yet regardless of such evils performed against them they refuse to turn to Allah and His religion for protection. they fear the devil as they should fear Allah TRUTH hurts falsehood.

The so-called Negroes are getting excited and fear for their jobs as they read of the government offering their European white brothers a home in America. Why should you fear for your future?

Why not turn toward your people for a place and a job? Four hundred years slaving and shedding your blood like water for your slavemasters only now to be denied equal justice. But you seem to like it.

I WARN YOU of the day that is near, not distant, when Allah will force them to give you up. CONSIDER the TIME: most surely you are ignorant of it. But your slavemasters are not; they are wide-awake and are watching every move made to help you. They know that your God ALLAH has come for you.

No religion but Islam will take away your evils. There is no fear nor grief for you in Islam. Why not Islam? There are plenty false things said about Islam and its half-billion believers, but you must REMEMBER -anything that is good for the black man will be spoken of as evil by his enemies.

I am sorry that a few mistakes have been made by the printers in my articles for the past two or three issues that made the articles to read other than their true meanings.

Write to Muhammad's Temple No. 2, Inc. 5335 So. Greenwood Ave. Chicago 15, Ill.

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