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December 8th, 1956

Islam Is For The Black Man II

The religion of Islam makes one think in terms of self and one's own kind. Thus, this kind of thinking produces an industrial people who are self-independent. Christianity does just the opposite; makes the so-called Negroes lazy, careless and dependent people.

Think over such slavery teaching as this: "That a rich man can't see the hereafter," while Allah (God) in the same breath, is offering the righteous Heaven (riches) while they live. I must continue to warn you that you can't depend on the white race to care for you forever. There is an end to your dependence on them. So, why not start in time seeking something for self?

This is the fall and end of white power on earth. Know this, the white race as a dominant so-called American Negroes (Tribe of Shabazz), that the lose of Asia to the white race means the end of their luxury.

It must come to pass, believe it or not. As it is written "Blessed is he who understands." You need a country to yourself. You will never be able to live as you desire until you are in your own (Islam). Hold unity meetings among yourselves to better your understanding of each other.

Whatever profession or trade you may have, do something for yourself and your kind and choose for yourselves the one religion, Islam. Islam will secure for you, favor and protection of Allah (God), also universal brotherhood. The nation of Islam will be the winner, especially the lost-found with Allah.

Stop looking for anything after death - Heaven or hell. These are in this life. Death settles it all.

Stop eating yourself to death by eating three meals a day. Eat once a day and eat the best food, which when eaten correctly, keeps you in the best of health. Stay away from the HOG meat. Don't eat stale beef, chicken or fish. Eat fresh products.

Don't eat field pies such as brown or black-eyed peas, lima beans. Don't eat collard greens, cabbage sprouts, cornbread. Eat brown bread (whole wheat), butter, if not over-weight and a little cheese. Drink milk. Cook your food well done. Pray five times a day with your face towards the east. Love your black brother as thyself. Do good to all.

Write and join your own. Write to Muhammad's Temple No. 2, Inc., 5335 Greenwood Ave., Chicago 15, Ill.

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