Our Saviour Has Arrived

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"In the book I have gathered Truth God gave to me and the way He gave it to me.  The way He gave it to me was a flowing spring or a flowing fountain. The Supreme Wisdom that I teach is what Allah has taught me. That Wisdom is called the Supreme Wisdom which is the Supreme Wisdom. I am equipped with the truth from Almighty God, Allah. No man on earth can teach you what I am teaching you. I am charged with the delivery of the message. I thank Allah that I have been sent by Him. He is backing me up to bring the enemy to his well brought doom (hell.) We want what God had taught us."

Chapter 1 The Black Man Must Know the Truth
Chapter 2 The Sure Truth
Chapter 3 Knowledge of Time
Chapter 4 The Hidden Truth
Chapter 5 Time
Chapter 6 Truth
Chapter 7 Time Has Arrived that Allah will Fulfill His Promise
Chapter 8 Never Taught a True Knowledge of God
Chapter 9 The Truth and Our Mistakes
Chapter 10 I Want to Teach You
Chapter 11 The Knowledge of God Himself (Savior’s Day, February 26, 1969)
Chapter 12 Allah, God, the Supreme Being
Chapter 13 God in Person, Not a Spirit!
Chapter 14 The Light of Allah
Chapter 15 The Days of Allah
Chapter 16 Day of the Resurrection of Dead So- Called Negroes Has Arrived
Chapter 17 A Few White People are Muslims by Faith
Chapter 18 Be Yourself
Chapter 19 The Black Man
Chapter 20 Why Black Man Should Be Called By The Names of God
Chapter 21 Black and White Worlds near a Showdown
Chapter 22 The World
Chapter 23 He (Allah) Makes All Things New
Chapter 24 God Helps Those Who Help Themselves!
Chapter 25 Islam Will Unite Black
Chapter 26 The Will of Allah is Being Done!
Chapter 27 Friendship of Allah (God)
Chapter 28 Christianity Versus Islam
Chapter 29 Mary, Joseph, and Jesus
Chapter 30 "And We Made The Son of Mary and His Mother a Sign..."
Chapter 31 The Christian Holidays
Chapter 32 Whose Christmas?
Chapter 33 Christmas!
Chapter 34 Days of the Son of Man; Confusion of Nations
Chapter 35 Being Ashamed of Your Own God
Chapter 36 Islam: A Unifying Religion
Chapter 37 Submit to Allah (Their God)
Chapter 38 The Cruel Days of The Lord
Chapter 39 Certainty of The Punishment
Chapter 40 The Angry World
Chapter 41 The World's, The Two Camps
Chapter 42 The Threatened Day
Chapter 43 Old World Going Out, New World Coming In
Chapter 44 The Great Day
Chapter 45 Revelation Guide All Right


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