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"The old world must be removed to make way for the new world. There is a universal struggle being waged by the old world against the new world. Will the old world's opposition prevent the establishment of the new world?  According to recorded history, the efforts being made by the old world against the beginning of a new world will fail as did former opponets of Allah."

Chapter 1 Washington DC Speech May 29, 1959
Chapter 2 Dawn of a new day
Chapter 3 Self First
Chapter 4 The Black Man
Chapter 5 Under the Shadow of Death
Chapter 6 Babies Murdered
Chapter 7 When Abe Lincoln, J.F. Kennedy Spoke out for Negroes
Chapter 8 The National Election
Chapter 9 The dead are rising, They seek their own
Chapter 10

Resurrection of our people

Chapter 11 Opposers of Truth
Chapter 12 Deceivers and the Deceived
Chapter 13 Evil Spreading Far, Wide
Chapter 14 Every Nation has a Tern
Chapter 15 America
Chapter 16 Independence Day
Chapter 17 Independence
Chapter 18 Slavery in Alabama and Mississippi
Chapter 19 Alabama
Chapter 20 The Decline of the Dollar
Chapter 21 Destruction of America's Education
Chapter 22 Savagery of America
Chapter 23 The Dissatisfied
Chapter 24 Confusion, Confusion of People
Chapter 25 America's loss of Friendship
Chapter 26 Will America Repent?
Chapter 27 The Troubled America: No Peace
Chapter 28 Is Modern America as Merciless as Ancient Ninevah
Chapter 29 Rise and Fall of Nations
Chapter 30 She had become the Habitation of Devils (Rev. 18:2)
Chapter 31 "Mystery Babylon, The Great"
Chapter 32 Babylon could have been saved, but she was not
Chapter 33 Modern Babylon is Falling
Chapter 34 The Judgment of America
Chapter 35 America surronded with the Judgment of Allah
Chapter 36 Four Great Judgments of America
Chapter 37 America;s Land being Divinely Curtailed
Chapter 38 The Fall of America foretold, Separation is the Answer
Chapter 39 The House Doomed to Fall
Chapter 40 The Destruction and Fall
Chapter 41 The Day of America's Downfall
Chapter 42 The Days of Trouble
Chapter 43 Plauged by God, America is Doomed
Chapter 44 America's Doom Feared
Chapter 45 America Hastens Her Own Doom
Chapter 46 The Great Days, The Terrible Days of God
Chapter 47 America's Dreaded Destiny
Chapter 48 The Dreadful Times of America
Chapter 49 Lull Before the Storm
Chapter 50 Fire Fed with Fuel
Chapter 51 Men's Hearts Failing; Fear
Chapter 52 Hell Erupts
Chapter 53 The Great Commotion
Chapter 54 The Calamity
Chapter 55 Can America Exist?
Chapter 56 What Will Be the End of the War
Chapter 57 The War: America Cannot Win the Victory
Chapter 58 The Mother Plane
Chapter 59 The Decision
Chapter 60 When Ye Shall See All These Things
Chapter 61 The Judgment Nears
Chapter 62 The Worst is Yet to Come


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