How to Eat to Live

Book 2

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Part I Guide to Proper Eating


Chapter 1 A return to Long Life.
Chapter 2 How to keep food from Hurting us.
Chapter 3 Lengthen your Life.
Chapter 4 Live Long
Chapter 5   Do Not Eat Forbidden Food.
Chapter 6 Proper Foods, Spiritually and Physically.
Chapter 7 Abundancy of Life.
Chapter 8 Experience the Venturing from right food

Part II  Times of Eating and Fasting   

Chapter 9 The Benefits of Eating once a Day
Chapter 10 Train yourself to eat as Allah has advised
Chapter 11 The Key to better health
Chapter 12 Do not eat between meals
Chapter 13 Fasting, Eating right foods, keys to long life
Chapter 14 Fasting
Chapter 15 Fasting is prescribed
Chapter 16 One Meal a day


Part III Types of Food to Eat

Chapter 17 Meat is against Life
Chapter 18 Eat the Best of Things
Chapter 19 Try and Eat Fresh Foods
Chapter 20 Simple Foods are Best
Chapter 21 Do Not Eat Scavengers
Chapter 22 Always Prepare a Good Meal
Chapter 23 Cooked Food is Better
Chapter 24 Natural Food
Chapter 25 Food Robbed of Natural Vitamins
Chapter 26 Do Not Ignore Divine Law

Part III Pig, Pork or Swine


Chapter 27 Hog made of Cat, Rat and Dog
Chapter 28 Hog Divinely Prohibited
Chapter 29 Swine Eats Anything
Chapter 30 Pork Contains Worms (Trichinae)
Chapter 31 The Truth about Pork (The Pig)
Chapter 32 Know Truth about Flesh of the Swine
Chapter 33 Stop Eating It
Chapter 34 Hog
Chapter 35 The Pig is Poison


Part IV  Meat, Beasts or Flesh


Chapter 36 No Meat is good for us
Chapter 37 Eat to Live and not to die
Chapter 38 They Eat As the Beast Eats (Holy Qur-an)
Chapter 39 Animal Flesh?
Chapter 40 Meat is never intended for Man to Eat


Part V  Proper Food Preparation


Chapter 41 Cook Thoroughly Done
Chapter 42 Eat Properly Prepared Food
Chapter 43 Cook Food Correctly


Part VI Doctors, Sickness and Health


Chapter 44 You Cannot Replace Stomach
Chapter 45 Prolong Your Life
Chapter 46 Do Not Need Drugs If We Live Right
Chapter 47 Doctor Falls Victim of Same Sickness
Chapter 48 Best Preventative Against Death
Chapter 49 Some Doctors Know
Chapter 50 Medical Teaching Based on Three Meals a Day
Chapter 51 Many Ailments can be cured
Chapter 52 Not Always Doctor and Drug Store Bills
Chapter 53 Doctors Live Same Years as Patients
Chapter 54 Destroy Sickness and Disease
Chapter 55 Digest Properly
Chapter 56 Long Intervals Between Eating is Better
Chapter 57 An Economic Plan For All


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