How to Eat to Live

Book 1

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"There is no way for us to learn the right way to eat in order to live a long life, except through the guidance and teachings of Allah, Who came in the person of Master Fard Muhammad."

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, How to Eat to Live...Book one

Chapter 1 Right Way to Eat
Chapter 2 Vegetables
Chapter 3 Food God Suggests
Chapter 4 Why They Urge You to Eat the Swine
Chapter 5 The Pig...Swine
Chapter 6 Fasting
Chapter 7 One Meal A Day
Chapter 8 Beware of Starchy Foods and Sweets
Chapter 9 How Allah's Way Prolongs Life
Chapter 10 How To Keep Food from Hurting Us
Chapter 11 The Proper Food and the Proper Time to Eat it
Chapter 12

The Right Food and the Proper Time to Eat it is becoming a "MUST"

Chapter 13 Fruit is digested better when eaten Raw
Chapter 14 Overindulgence, The Enemy
Chapter 15 Our Biggest Problem is Eating too Much and too Often
Chapter 16 Why and How we Fast in December
Chapter 17 The Food and It's Eater
Chapter 18 Food Can be Life or Death
Chapter 19 How to Live More than 100 Years
Chapter 20 Proper Food for Body and Mind Equals Good Health
Chapter 21 The Benefits of Eating Once a Day
Chapter 22 A List of Foods We Must Not Eat
Chapter 23 You Don't Need Numerous Diets; Just Eat Once Daily
Chapter 24 Feeding Babies
Chapter 25 Meat, Part 1
Chapter 26 Know the Truth About the Flesh of The Swine
Chapter 27 Live a Thousand Years
Chapter 28 Train Yourself to Eat as Allah has Prescribed
Chapter 29 "The Death Way"
Chapter 30 Do Not Take Birth Control Pills
Chapter 31 Food and Health
Chapter 32 Foods to Avoid
Chapter 33 The Safest Way to Eat
Chapter 34 The Poisonous Animal Eater
Chapter 35 Beautiful Appearance and Long Life
Chapter 36 Divinely Prohibited Flesh
Chapter 37 Poisonous Food and Water
Chapter 38 Bad Food Causes Us to Look Old
Chapter 39 Little Pure Food on Market
Chapter 40 God of Right Prescribes Best Foods


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