Message to the Blackman

Sections XII & XIII


Section XII     :    The Judgment

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Chapter 115 On Universal Corruption
Chapter 116 The Break - Up of The Old World!
Chapter 117 The Day Of America's Doom
Chapter 118 America is Falling Her Doom is Sealed
Chapter 119 The Decline of the Dollar
Chapter 120 The Resurrection of Our People
Chapter 121 Make America Know Her Sins
Chapter 122 A House Doomed to Fall
Chapter 123 The Fulfillment of Prophecies Seen
Chapter 124 Rise and Fall of The Christian World
Chapter 125 Battle in the Sky is Near
Chapter 126 The Great Decisive Battle in The Sky
Chapter 127 The Battle in The Sky
Chapter 128 Regrets of The Doubters
Chapter 129 Time Is At Hand
Chapter 130 Will You Be The Winner?
Chapter 131 Build Your Own Society
Chapter 132 The Hereafter


Section XIII    :    Answer to Critics

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Chapter 133 My Mission is To Give Life
Chapter 134 The Great Deceivers
Chapter 135 Clarification of Confusion Surronding Muslims
Chapter 136 Reply to a Judge
Chapter 137 What the Muslims Teach : Father to a Son
Chapter 138 Authority From Allah, None Other
Chapter 139 Answer to Christian Knights of The Ku Klux Klan


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