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As we near the exhaustion of the Wisdom of this world which has not been able to shed enough light on our path in search for that Supreme Wisdom to keep us from stumbling and falling, we now seek the wisdom of Allah, the Best Knower and Guide in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad (to Whom be praised forever).  The reader will find that light in this book.

-Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Messenger of Allah


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Section one     :    Allah is God

Chapter 1 Who is that Mystery God? Part I
Chapter 2 Who  is that Mystery God? Part II
Chapter 3 Is God a Spirit or a Man?
Chapter 4 The Coming of God: Is He a Man or a Spirit?
Chapter 5 The Origin of God as a Spirit and Not a Man
Chapter 6 The Coming of the Son of Man, The Great Mahdi
Chapter 7 The Coming of Allah (God)
Chapter 8 The Coming of God and The Gathering Together of His People
Chapter 9 The Coming of the Son of Man
Chapter 10 The Infidels are Angry
Chapter 11 Allah, The Best Knower
Chapter 12 The Days of Allah
Chapter 13 If God was your Father, you would Love Me
Chapter 14 Persecution follows the Coming of God
Chapter 15 The So-Called Negroes Salvation
Chapter 16 Allah is Judging Today
Chapter 17 Submit to Allah (God) and Fear Not


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Section Two     :    Original Man

Chapter 18 Know Thyself
Chapter 19 First Love Yourself
Chapter 20 Understand Self
Chapter 21 Help Self before Helping Others
Chapter 22 What the So-Called Negro Must do for Himself
Chapter 23 Get Knowledge to Benefit Self
Chapter 24 Knowledge of Yourself
Chapter 25 If the Civilized Man Fails to Perform his Duty What Must be Done?
Chapter 26 Accept Your Own
Chapter 27 We Must Teach Our Own
Chapter 28 Blackman, Accept Your Own
Chapter 29 Who is the Original Man?
Chapter 30 A Good Name is Better than Gold
Chapter 31 Help Self: What Must be Done with the Negroes
Chapter 32 The Black Woman
Chapter 33 Protect and Elevate Your Woman
Chapter 34 The So-Called Negro Must Do Something for Himself
Chapter 35 Birth Control Death Plan
Chapter 36 Plan to Destroy Our Race



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