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Our Women's Health

The Original Black Woman is the Mother of Civilization. She brings forth our young, nurtures and guides them in their growth and development. She is the helpmate and companion of the Original Black Man, and joins him in the search for knowledge, with the goal of living a righteous life. Her role is all encompassing and necessary for the strength of the nation. It is imperative she maintain her physical, mental, and spiritual health, for by doing so, she will in turn, ensure the physical, mental, and spiritual health of the nation. Included within this segment is an array of information which should help get you, The Original Black Woman, on the road to an optimum state of physical, mental, and spiritual health, and show you how it can be maintained.
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Feeding Yourself and Your Family
The Messenger gave us detailed instructions concerning the best way to feed ourselves and our families. He wrote two books, going over the foods to avoid with the reasons why, the foods which should be eaten in moderation and the reasons why, along with all of the things which are good for us to eat. He discussed how we could slow the aging process and bring the youthful glow of proper nutrition to our faces and the faces of our families. He went into both the prevention and treatment of various illnesses using his guidance. While writing these books, He was careful to explain the role of eating and non-eating (fasting), and it's place in our theology. These books are "How To Eat To Live" Book I and "How To Eat To Live' Book H. They can be read in their entirety here on-line. They can be cross referenced time and time again, when you are planning meals and/or shopping lists. You can look for specific information in these books by using the Nation of Islam Settlement No. I search engine.

The Messenger highly recommended a vegetarian diet. He knew some would find it difficult to give up meat, fish, and fowl, but He urged us to aim for eating only vegetables, fruits, breads, and the products of animals such as cheese, eggs, and milk. He recommended wheat bread only. He recognized some of us would need to reach this level of eating in small steps, by degrees. He was quite specific in his writings about the benefits of vegetarian cooking and eating and recommended all vegetables should be bought fresh and cooked to enhance their flavor, without robbing them of their nutrients. Vegetables can be combined daily or weekly to ensure proper nutrition.

There are many varieties of vegetables recommended for us to eat and the variety and combinations are almost endless. There may be many vegetables you have never eaten or even considered eating but you don't know how good they are and what interesting dishes you can prepare with them. We have brought together some vegetarian recipes which are tried and proven to be delicious. Because The Messenger cautions us against eating land animals during Ramadan, that makes it a good time to experiment with these recipes and start a vegetarian diet. You don't have to wait until December. Why not prepare some of these recipes now, along with a meat entree? Once you see how favorable and filing they are, you can prepare several of them at one meal. Set your sights on going all the way and trying a totally meatless meal. We know you will enjoy these dishes and the large vegetable variety. We will be adding more recipes from time to time, along with tips which will enhance your vegetarian diet.

You may want to share some of your own recipes with all who come to Nation of Islam Settlement No. 1, so please send them by e-mail. We can-only post and/or use recipes which adhere to Islamic dietary prohibitions.
This site is not meant to be a substitute for regular visits to your Health Care Provider, nor should it take the place of their advice. However, it is one other source of information for you and your family. It is advised that you see your Health Care Provider for the evaluation and treatment of illness. The links from this site may contain information that is not in line with the teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and His Followers, the members of the Seventh Family of The Nation of Islam. Unnatural birth control and abortion are never condoned.'s Home Page
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