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"Seek Truth and Salvation in Islam under the Divine Leadership of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad," is the spiritual message to Black Women of America this month from Sister Clara Muhammad, wife and lifelong companion of the greatest Black Leader in the history of North America.

Sister Muhammad, living testimony to the divine mission bestowed upon her husband by Allah, in the person of Master Fard Muhammad, this month marked her 65th birthday.   Mother of 8 children and the Messenger's closest companion for 45 years, Sister Muhammad has been under the teachings of the Messenger for 33 of those years.  She prays to Allah to grant her 33 more years under the leadership of His Messenger who has won increasing world acclaim, and this despite the slander and smear campaigns from small detractors.

Despite the fact that for years, as he struggled to bring the light of Islam to his people, his life was under constant threats from hypocrites and disbelievers, forcing him for years to remain away from his home and family in order to escape their evil designs.

Despite the fact that through the years he has suffered from poor health, due to bronchitis and asthma, but during which time he has refused to take off a single day from his God-guided mission.

Despite the fact that he has been unjustly jailed for 5 years because of his refusal to abandon his Mission, or to abandon people's struggle for freedom and justice.

Despite the fact that he has been wrongly opposed by other organizations and by officials of the government.

Despite the fact that he has worked for years to raise out of the human wreckage left by the enemies of our people, untold numbers of lost souls, teaching and training many ministers in Islam, including such hypocrites as Malcolm Little, creating for them an international image, only to be turned upon in their envious attempts to destroy their teachers and the foundations which he built for the salvation of us all.

Despite the loss of one of his most beloved sons from the faith through those years, Sister Muhammad, as his wife and companion, has grown to cherish and love him even more.  Watching his great dedication to his Divine Mission, Sister Muhammad has become an inseparable part of it, willing to sacrifice her life along with the innumerable sacrifices he has and is making for the salvation of  us all.  

In light of this, Sister Clara Muhammad's message to the Black Women and to all Negroes is:  DO NOT BE MISLED...THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH AND MUHAMMAD IS HIS MESSENGER.

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