Re: Why did we take Jerusalem from the devil, how long ago?....We Must Understand The Depth Of This Lesson

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Posted by A Brother on August 03, 2000 at 12:38:26:

In Reply to: Why did we take Jerusalem from the devil, how long ago?....We Must Understand The Depth Of This Lesson posted by SEVENTHFAM on August 03, 2000 at 03:39:49:

: As-Salaam-Alaikum

Brother Seventhfam,
That teaching comes directly from the lodge of Freemasonry. The tomb of one of the Jesus' is in Jerusalem, and high ranking Freemasons are brought there to see it. That is LITERAL. Now you will pick and choose what is literal and what is symbolic in the same story. Good luck, it was an Arab telling this story, and the Jesus buried there is not the original, Yashua. Your closed minds will be your downfall.
: A. Brother

: Ans.-- Because one of our righteous brothers, who was a prophet by the name of Jesus was buried there. He uses his name to shield his dirty religion, which is called Christianity, also to deceive the people so they will believe in him. Jesus' teaching was not Christianity, it was Freedom, Justice and Equality. Jerusalem is in Palestine, Asia Minor. Jerusalem is a name given by the Jews, which means founded in peace, and it was first built by the original man, who was called Jebus, also Salem, and Ariel. We took the city from the devils about seven hundred fifty years ago.

: Dear Family:

: If we live the life of a true and upright Muslim, the Wisdom of Allah and His Messenger is manifested and unraveled to the true and faithful Believers in the Lessons and Problems given to us under the heading Supreme Wisdom. The above Question and Answer (No. 5) is presently in active "play" on this message board.

: We are at WAR! We involved in the greatest Theological War ever known to man. The followers of the great Final Warner, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad(PBUH), are under the charge of waging this WAR on his behalf. No one is going to uphold the Holy Flag of Islam in this great War for us. This time we are in charge and must take full responsibility for winning or losing. We are the true fulfillment of the Holy Wars of the past, including those wagged by the Holy Prophet of Islam, Muhammad ibn Abdullah(PBUH).

: We are fighting to recapture the Holy City Mecca and all other Sacred and Holy "Places" including Jerusalem. When properly understood, these "places" are not geographic cities as such. They are mere physical representations of the True "places" which are to be found within the collective "spaces" of the human mind. We are at War for the Original Mind of Man, also known as Mecca.

: The above mentioned Question is not just a Lesson about our great Brother Issa ibn Yusuf (Jesus) or the great liberator Salah ad-Din Yusuf (Saladin... 1138-1193). Quite the contrary, it is a directive. In this particular part of our Lessons we are being given additional definition to our prime directive. Please take note of it's full and complete meaning. Those who are attempting to pollute, mix, tamper with, or in any way alter the Divine Message given to the Last Messenger of Allah by Master Fard Muhammad will meet with great opposition by the followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad(PBUH). Prophesy and the history's of Muhammad ibn Abdullah(PBUH) and others predicts that they will lose to the forces of the Last Messenger of Allah. The Theology of the Messenger of Allah will prevail. And, we are the upholders and presenters of his Theology.

: May Allah be with the followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad(PBUH).

: As-Salaam-Alaikum

: Your Brother,


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